Martino Nicoletti: Submerged Landscapes

Martino Nicoletti, a PhD doctoral student with the School who has just returned from field research in Thailand, has recently published an art book that brings together his key research themes of myth, margins and pinhole photography. Submerged Landscapes is inspired by an ancient pagan myth, and narrates the tragic love story of the fascinating … Continue reading

Working as a Writer in the 21st Century

Facebook, Twitter, Kindle, the iPad and social web sites – they’re altering the creative industries day by day, and publishing is no exception. The Working as a Writer in the 21st Century conference in Edinburgh on Thursday 20th January, hosted by the Association of Scottish Literary Agents and supported by Creative Scotland, will raise questions … Continue reading

John Collins: The Medium That Reaches the Parts

Which medium reaches the parts the others don’t? Particularly in a crisis. Like, say, a sudden freeze and an unexpected fall of snow. No, it’s not the Internet. Read here a producer’s comments, thoughts and criticisms on the current and future state of his industry, from John Collins of Reid Kerr College, produced for allmediascotland. … Continue reading

Embrace the Space

Great development work today at nsdesign on social networking for business. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Groupon, Foursquare and MySpace – and how to make money from them. If you’re a musician, film-maker, TV producer, writer, DJ or artist, you should be doing these things, if you’re not already. We’ll make sure the full presentation is posted … Continue reading

PhD Student Jennifer Jones presents to UK Cabinet Office on behalf of Social Media company Hootsuite

As part of a “Twitter Day” at the Cabinet Office (delivered by Transparency & Digital Engagement Group),  Hootsuite (Social media platform) had an opportunity to present to a UK Government audience about their software capacities and give a brief introduction to how it can be used in a public sector context. Hootsuite didn’t have any … Continue reading

“Mashing Up” – Art and Labour: A Public Conversation 9th November, 2010 (CCA, GLASGOW)

CCA 5 Tue 9th Nov 2010 12.30-6pm Art+Labour is a public conversation exploring the conditions and experiences of creative labour in the cultural industries – working conditions, pay, working hours; freedom and autonomy, pleasure and obligation; insecurity and uncertainty; social reproduction, networking and isolation – and artists’ organising within it – unions, artists’ associations, or … Continue reading

John Agnew & Louis Kramer-Sight and Sound Masterclasses.

“When you hear the advice of someone who is actually involved in the industry it makes all the difference to making your own films”

PhD Student Jennifer Jones guest talk for Coventry and Warwickshire Social Media Cafe at Warwick University

PhD Student Jennifer Jones  was invited along as guest speaker for the September edition of the Coventry and Warwick Social Media Cafe (at the International Digital Lab at Warwick University) to speak about her research around independent media centres, the Olympic games and the forthcoming launch of the #media2012 blueprint at the Cornerhouse (part of Abandon Normal Devices festival) in Manchester … Continue reading

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