Lost Bodies Published

Lost Bodies, a novel by Dr David Manderson of the School of CCI, has just been published. Look out for the forthcoming launch at The Arches Theatre in Glasgow on 21 July, and at the Tchai Ovna Cafe on 23 July. More launches and publicity to follow.     Advertisements

A Namibian Sunset

The sun sets over Windhoek, capital of Namibia, 400 miles from Johannesburg, and over 10,000 from home. This is me with Mike Higgins of the NUJ, one of my companions on the business trip organized by The Creative Loop to investigate media training opportunities in Sub-Saharan Africa. Other travellers were Helliate Rushwaya of The Creative … Continue reading

David Manderson at the CCA

David Manderson, UWS Programme Leader in Creative Industries Practice who lectures in Creative Writing and Screenwriting, has been invited to appear at the CCA to talk about his forthcoming novel and other recent developments in Creative Writing in Education. His talk will take place in the Scottish Writers’ Centre, established by poets David Kinloch and … Continue reading

Su Casa Reading: Friday 28th January

Su Casa is Ayr’s leading alternative cafe, and as part of its commitment to the arts across the West of Scotland David Manderson, Programme Leader at UWS,  has organised another night of excellent reading and conversation in its premises in the Lorne Arcade on the fair town’s High Street (see map above). The evening’s entertainment … Continue reading

Working as a Writer in the 21st Century

Facebook, Twitter, Kindle, the iPad and social web sites – they’re altering the creative industries day by day, and publishing is no exception. The Working as a Writer in the 21st Century conference in Edinburgh on Thursday 20th January, hosted by the Association of Scottish Literary Agents and supported by Creative Scotland, will raise questions … Continue reading

Radio: Local or National?

There’s a war going on in Scottish radio. But then, there always is. And not just in that industry, but across Scottish publishing, television, film and journalism, the perennial, never-to-be-resolved, but endlessly intriguing argument about how much to appeal to the UK, and how much to concentrate on the home-grown audience, continues to grow and … Continue reading

John Collins: The Medium That Reaches the Parts

Which medium reaches the parts the others don’t? Particularly in a crisis. Like, say, a sudden freeze and an unexpected fall of snow. No, it’s not the Internet. Read here a producer’s comments, thoughts and criticisms on the current and future state of his industry, from John Collins of Reid Kerr College, produced for allmediascotland. … Continue reading

Embrace the Space

Great development work today at nsdesign on social networking for business. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Groupon, Foursquare and MySpace – and how to make money from them. If you’re a musician, film-maker, TV producer, writer, DJ or artist, you should be doing these things, if you’re not already. We’ll make sure the full presentation is posted … Continue reading

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