We Are Northern Lights: First London Screening

The Centre of Experimental and Documentary Film/ DocWest/ CREAM at the University of Westminster, the Creative Media Academy of the University of the West of Scotland and Lansdowne Productions in conjunction with Birkbeck Cinema would like to invite you to our special screening and discussion of the mass participation documentary We Are Northern Lights. When: … Continue reading

How to Choose?

Written and performed by Davey Anderson and Gary McNair Produced by Angie Bual Try to visualise each of the steps which have brought you to this moment. The squirms of regret at making the wrong turn. The waves of smugness at getting it right. All of the life choices, and the imperceptible instinctive decisions, that … Continue reading

Wigtown Book Festival: Screenwriting workshop

Got an idea for a screenplay? On Friday 3 October (2-4pm), the Wigtown Book Festival are hosting a special Honeycomb panel session on Developing Scripts for the Screen. Ten aspiring screenwriters will be given professional feedback on their ideas for a screenplay or a screen adaptation of their writing. This is an event for selected … Continue reading

Honeycomb – CreativeWorks Networking Event

INVITATION • Thursday 21 August 2014, 6-8pm Networking Event UWS Ayr Campus Honeycomb – CreativeWorks Film and broadcast • Animation • Computer gaming • Interactive media • Music technologies • Are you a creative professional or small business developing digital content for film, broadcast, animation, computer gaming, interactive media or music technologies? • Are you … Continue reading

Flip Side

June 2014 Exploring the big ideas behind the independence debate. How do we choose? In the run up to the referendum on Scottish independence we want to take a closer look at what informs our democratic choice. Flip Side is a warm and welcoming space for philosophical discussion. It’s a party to celebrate doubt and … Continue reading

SPAN (Scottish Pop Academic Network) Seminar, 9th May

Club Room, CCA Glasgow, 3pm – 5pm, Friday 9th May Dr Jo Collinson Scott (UWS): “Avoid it like the plague”: An Exploration of Cliché in pop song Abstract: In the practice of popular music songwriting pedagogy, the following questions frequently arise from students: should I avoid being clichéd and if so, how do I do … Continue reading

Interstices Symposium

A symposium in the UWS space on Friday 28th February at CCA Glasgow with contributions from PhD students, Professor Katarzyna Kosmala and Tony Grace. Keynote presentations from Josep Zanki, Associate Professor at the University of Zadar, Croatia. Lecture session 1030-130 Mirila: remembrance and oblivion. Mythical tradition, performance art and documenting Over last 17 years I … Continue reading

Odd Numbers meets Room 13

A joint seminar on critical pedagogies and public art practices with participants from the School of Creative and Cultural Industries and the School of Education’s MEd Artist Teacher programme, at Room 13, Caol Primary School, Fort William on Friday 7th and Saturday 8th February 2014. Participating artists from Room 13, with Nicola Atkinson (NADFLY) and … Continue reading

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