“Taking Back the University: Angry Young Academics” – @UWSCreative’s Jennifer Jones write for Guardian Higher Education Network

Yesterday a piece that I co-authored with Martin Eve from the University of Sussex “Taking back the University: Angry Young Academics” was published on the Guardian website.

Extract below, full article here:

The full piece can be read on the Guardian site, extract below:

“While AC Grayling’s New College of the Humanities proposes a free-market value system as a potential saviour of the humanities, increasingly, especially among early career researchers, more radical opposition to many aspects of academia is taking form. Foremost is an anger at the increasingly “business-like” approach imposed upon postgraduate study which has been highlighted by The Economist. Here it is argued that university education has lost its supposed purpose of furthering scientific knowledge; fostering and renewing critical appreciation of the arts and educating a critically self-aware population. Instead, it is seen as a space for the functional benefit of the economy, while the latter goal is dropped entirely. Under such a model, several movements now seek a return to the idealistic root of the university. The postgraduate sits at the eye of this commodified storm, poised between the student and faculty worlds. However, they are also the least empowered to effect practical change. Perceiving the differences is only the start; how could disempowered postgraduates influence the extremely hierarchical world of academia?”

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