‘Like This’: Julie Tsang and Iain Heggie

Julie Tsang (pictured above), an ex-Performance students who graduated last year, has just had her first play, Like This, put on at the Tron Theatre in Glasgow – and she did it through a UWS connection.

The play first surfaced as a script submitted by Julie as coursework for one of her Modules, where it immediately grabbed the attention of her tutor and academic advisor, the well-known playwright and director Iain Heggie.

Iain, whose own credits include the smash hit plays A Wholly Healthy Glasgow and The Tobacco Merchant’s Lawyer, just couldn’t resist the dramatic force of Julie’s script, then just a single scene with a few ideas still to come.

Later, he contacted Julie and together they developed and wrote the complete play, in which a young woman finds herself tested beyond normal social certainties, and comes up with her own unique answers.

With Julie as playwright and Iain (above) directing, Like This hit the stage this week, where it played to sell-out audiences. “There are only three plays that attract me as a director in the whole of Scottish theatre,” Iain says. “Liz Lochhead’s Medea, Ena Lamont Stewart’s Men Should Weep and Julie Tsang’s Like This.”

At UWS we’d all like to extend our congratulations to Julie and Iain, and wish Julie’s new-found career and Iain’s continuing one all the best for the future.


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